Xiamen Tuness Electronic Co., Ltd., incorporated in 2007 with registered capital of RMB 90 million, specializes in research, development and manufacturing of electroacoustic products for mobile phones. Through years of efforts, we now have the most advanced research, development, production and testing equipment of this industry, and a professional and efficient team on research, development and management, with the ability of independent research, development and production of mobile phone receivers and speakers etc.

With the relocation of our headquarters into Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2011, we have set up our own acoustical lab, reliability lab and environmental protection testing system. After increasing investment into production and testing equipment, we have gradually introduced semi-automatic and full-automatic production lines. To further standardize our management and abide by honest operation, we have employed management consultants, set up a training system covering the entire personnel, established a long-term talent introduction mechanism with electroacoustic institutes of famous domestic universities, and adopted such advanced IT tools as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Guided by the concept of “Efficient and Practical The Pursuit of Excellence ”, based on the modern enterprise management system, we have made up our mind to be a main international supplier of high quality products through persistent improvement and innovation.

ADD: 福建省廈門市海滄區青礁村102號 Tel: 0592-6058428 6058429 Fax: 0592-6058426
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